Employee Referral Program

Use our online referrals system to tell your friends and family about applying to the County of Riverside. You may be eligible to win a cash award for referring a successful candidate hired into a bonus-eligible position!

Bonus-Eligible Positions

Getting Started

All eligible County employees are welcome to participate in the Employee Referral Program.  The first step is using our online referral system to tell your friends and family about how to apply to the County of Riverside.  When you submit a referral using our online system, we will email your friend or family member information on how to view current job openings.

Referral awards are only paid for bonus-eligible positions.  See our program rules and guidelines for additional information on participating in the Employee Referral Program.

"Word-of-Mouth" and Informal Referrals

Although we appreciate all employees who encourage their friends and family to apply to the County of Riverside, we are unable to recognize word-of-mouth and other informal referrals made outside of the program.  For this reason, you must submit your referral using our online system before the applicant applies or submits a resume to the County of Riverside.


For questions, please email the program administrator at ERP@RIVCO.ORG.

With a variety of career options and excellent benefits, the County of Riverside is too good to keep to yourself. That's why we offer the Employee Referral Program that gives you cash rewards for bringing in more great people to work here. If you share working for the County of Riverside by referring a friend, and, for certain positions, we'll share a bonus of at least $300 or even $1,000 with you! So go ahead - pass on the best-kept secret and start referring today.


Referring is easy, CLICK HERE to begin!

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