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    Can I submit my resume even when there isn’t an open posting?

    You can apply directly to internships that interest you AND submit your resume to the Student Internship with Various Departments posting to be considered for additional internships that may open. Our team will continuously screen these resumes and contact potentially qualified candidates.

    Do I have to have a specific major?

    There are some internships that will require certain majors and others will be open to all majors. You will need to pay attention to the recruiting guidelines for those details.

    Are the hours specific?

    All internships are flexible to the students’ school schedules. School is the priority so you will work with your supervisor to create a schedule that is flexible around school hours.

    Will there be opportunities on the weekends?

    A majority of departments operate Monday through Friday so weekend hours are not typical.

    Do I have to submit original transcripts?

    We will accept copies of your transcripts. You will be notified if originals are needed.

    What is the pay rate for paid internships?

    Paid internships are paid based upon cumulative units earned.

    What is the timeframe to get hired after I submit my application?

    The timeframe will depend upon backgrounds. Typically the process will take 2-4 weeks from the time of orientation to start date.