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The County of Riverside has a wide array of volunteer opportunities.  County departments independently administer their own volunteer programs.  For this reason, the Human Resources Department does not accept applications from volunteers.  Instead, volunteers submit applications directly to the department where they wish to volunteer.

Below are links to some programs administered by County departments and agencies. You can find information on how to apply at these links. County departments not listed below may also have a volunteer service program. You are welcome to contact other departments to inquire about any volunteer opportunities.  A directory of departments is located on the County of Riverside's official website.

For information about internships, visit the Educational Support Program website.

County Salary Ordinance

Requires that departments:

  •  Maintain a volunteer roster for enrolling volunteers and recording their hours;
  •  Submit a monthly summary of all volunteer hours to the Human Resources Department; and
  •  Submit quarterly the volunteer roster to the Human Resources Department. 


Background Check

Requires that volunteers:

  •  Pass a background check. 


Risk Management Volunteer Insurance Program

Requires that volunteers:

  •  Complete a Volunteer Application (Volunteer Application & Personal History Statement and Volunteer Assignment Acknowledgement Form) 

Requires that departments:

  •  Retain Volunteer Applications and Assignment Acknowledgement Forms 
  •  Enroll volunteers to be covered by the Volunteer Insurance Program (see Salary Ord. above) 
  •  Provide volunteers a Volunteer Insurance Brochure

Visit Risk Management's website for detailed information about the Volunteer Insurance Program.