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RUHS has been the foundation of healthcare, community wellness and medical education in Riverside County for more than 100 years and employs about 6,000 team members.

We are committed to delivering exceptional care through an integrated network of skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals who inspire hope, healing and wellness. RUHS is a teaching organization where generations of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and public, behavioral and allied health professionals have been trained. We provide sensitive and culturally appropriate support for families and individuals facing behavioral health challenges and substance abuse issues, as well as trusted programs aimed at improving the lives and advancing the health of our communities. At Riverside University Health System, our legacy of excellence is just the beginning of a healthy future. The Behavioral Health department provides community-based services for adults and children with mental health and substance use challenges that are delivered in settings that are friendly, accessible and sensitive to different cultural and language needs. The Mission of the Riverside County Family Care Centers is to provide quality healthcare and clinical services that promote the health and safety of our community - regardless of income or ability to pay. If you live, work or play in Riverside County, then Riverside University Health System – Public Health is here to keep you healthy.


Behavioral Health

​When you or someone you love is in need of help to achieve and maintain a life of whole health wellness and recovery, Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health is here for you. We provide community-based services for adults and children​...


Medical Center

​Since 1893​, Riverside University Health System – Medical Center has been providing exceptional care in specialties such as Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Psychiatry, and in the treatment of diabetes and hepatitis C...


Community Health Centers

Riverside University Health System – Community Health Centers include primary and specialty care at 10 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) throughout Riverside County. The FQHCs provide comprehensive outpatient primary care services to all.


Public Health

​​If you live, work or play in Riverside County, then Riverside University Health System – Public Health is here to keep you healthy... 

Why Choose RUHS?

Why Choose RUHS - Behavioral Health?