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Did you know that County employees who carpool, walk, bike, or take public transportation may be eligible to register in the RideShare Program? The County of Riverside Human Resources Commuter Services Division offers *incentives for eligible, active, and registered RideShare participants. The *incentive program and its services are provided at no cost, with the exception of the County Vehicle (CV) Program, which is an employee-subsidized program.

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Register with Commuter Services today and you may be eligible for:

  • $5/DAY INCENTIVE: For a limited time, qualifying active and registered participants have an opportunity to earn up to $125 in gift cards. Active and registered participants must RideShare to work five days per month for three (3) consecutive months and log commuter trips through the IE Commuter website. Other restrictions may apply. Trip log entries are audited for accuracy against County employee approved timecard data. Telecommuters are ineligible for this incentive. 
  • GUARANTEED RIDE HOME PROGRAM: This program is offered to active and registered participants for qualifying guaranteed ride home from work occurrence(s). Active and registered participants may use the GRH Program up to six (6) times per program year, typically not to exceed one use within a 30-day period. Telecommuters are ineligible for this program. 
  • RESERVED CARPOOL PARKING SPACES: At most County worksites there are reserved carpool parking spaces for employees who are active and registered participants. Not only are there designated parking spaces, but parking structure passes may be provided to active and registered participants who work at or near the County Administrative Center (CAC) in Downtown Riverside, depending on availability. Active and registered participants must be carpooling with another active and registered County participant at or near the same Downtown Riverside location.
  • COUNTY VEHICLE (CV) PROGRAM: The CV Program allows four (4) or more employees that RideShare to a County facility to utilize a County Vehicle (CV) for their commute to and from work in a County-owned vehicle. Program participants pay a biweekly fee based on daily round-trip mileage per person per vehicle via payroll deductions. Fees per person include a guaranteed seat, routine service repair and maintenance, fuel, and a loaner/rental vehicle while the County Vehicle (CV) is being serviced.
  • BIKE OR WALK TO WORK: Biking and walking to work are greatly encouraged. At some worksites, cyclists, and walkers can take advantage of bike racks, personal lockers, and showers! By simply walking or riding your bike to and from work one day a week saves gas, helps the environment, and gives you some exercise.
  • TRANSPORTATION EXPENSE PROGRAM: Public transportation (e.g. RTA, Metrolink, OmniTrans or Sunline) users may utilize the Transportation Expense Program to save time and money on their transit pass. Enrolled participants can have the cost of their transit pass deducted via payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis up to the IRS allowed amount.
  • MONTHLY OPPORTUNITY DRAWINGS: Qualifying active and registered participants have an opportunity to win in a monthly drawing. Each month, eight (8) active and registered participants are selected to receive a gift catalog from HALO Recognition to select a prize. Prizes include such items as jewelry, camping gear, and home goods. 
  • RIDEMATCH LIST: Employees may complete and submit a RideMatch Form and request a generated RideMatch list of interested RideShare participants that live and work in their surrounding area. The generated RideMatch list will also assist in locating an established County Vehicle (CV) group commuting to their work location! It is the employee’s responsibility to contact employees they are matched with if desire to participate in a RideShare arrangement. Participation is voluntary.
*County employees who falsely report  RideShare participation to earn incentives may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with County Policy. 
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