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The intent of Board Policy C-10 Alcohol and Drug Testing and Abuse Policy is to establish the requirements and procedures for drug and alcohol testing of job applicants and employees with the County of Riverside to assure worker fitness for duty and to protect County employees, customers, and the public from the safety and health risks posed by the misuse of alcohol and use of prohibited drugs.  Further, the intent of this policy is to eliminate substance abuse and its effects in the workplace.

The County will act to eliminate any substance abuse (alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or any other substance which could impair an employee’s ability to safely and effectively perform the functions of the particular job) which increases the potential for accidents, absenteeism, substandard performance, poor employee morale, or damage to the county’s reputation.

In addition, Board Policy C-10 institutes the following for employees and applicants for employment in safety-sensitive positions: drug abuse education, drug and alcohol testing, a statement of prohibited behavior(s), consequences for positive tests or a refusal to test, and resources for employee assistance and rehabilitation.

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