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RIVCO HR Learning & Organizational Development

Testimonials for Crucial Conversations:

The instructor was amazing and taught the class VERY well.  I would highly recommend it! – Kim Pierce Supervising Appraiser ACR

Extremely beneficial in both work and personal environment! Roba McCuin Environmental Health Specialist, Department of Environmental Health

Testimonial for Crucial Accountability:

Overall a great course.  I appreciate the skills it highlighted.  I will be putting what I learned right to use!  - Marybeth Maury-Holmes Director of Nursing RUHS

Testimonials for 6 Critical Practices:

Informational and great tips/pointers for more effective leadership of a team."- Derrell Durley II Supervising Auditor Appraiser ACR

Great tips, exercise, and materials.  They will contribute greatly to improve my skills at work---6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team- Maichi Nguyen Deputy Child Support Attorney IV-S Department of Child and Social Services


Testimonial for Influencer Course:

Mike, you do a great job of trying to engage us in this new world. I know how difficult it is to go from a classroom setting to a virtual setting.  Getting participants to join in the learning is difficult and I learned a lot from listening to you. You do a good job of bringing relatable stories for to fit the material; which assists us in grasping the purpose and transfer learning. It will also help us be able to grab that knowledge later from that file cabinet to set up our own stories. As a fellow trainer, I felt extremely overwhelmed with the concept of training online but watching you has reduced my anxiety a lot. Thank you for letting us join.  Your timing is well done and the once a week is great because it sets up concepts in this training about ensuring we have influence. Great job! – Michelle Qualls Orange County Probation


Writing Advantage Testimonials:

Because this course will help everyone to: Increase credibility, improve writing confidence, send the right message- Manal Azer Secretary II DCSS

Very informative and useful. Able to apply to the everyday work assignments. Great skills to have, makes writing less intimidating! – Mireya Castro Secretary I Flood

The content and materials used in class were very useful. The class itself was also very engaging and interesting. I will absolutely recommend the course to my colleagues.- Wendy Puquirre Research Specialist II DPSS


MBTI Survey and Debrief Class:

Please extend our thanks to Len as well, his knowledge and experience with this topic continues to be evident.  We appreciate his flexibility with utilizing and conducting the training via the online platform.” – Doug Moreno, Chief Deputy Probation Administrator

“I found the MBTI Workshop super interesting. It makes you aware of how people can work differently based on their personalities. The team can vary in strengths and this workshop helped us to identify how to approach, react or gain perspective of one another.”—Ana M., Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder

“I found taking the MBTI and doing the workshop afterwards really beneficial in understanding how I can work better together with my colleagues.  We all have different work styles, thought processes, and ways we approach our work and projects. It was nice to see how we all can benefit and learn from one another even though our styles are different.  I feel like it helped us to recognize some of our strengths and weaknesses and how working with those with different attributes can help us all to improve in our overall performance.”—Sherry A., Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder

“I appreciated the learning experience and the insight into how I process information and relate to others. It also provided valuable context on how others might observe things and the thought process behind certain decisions. Although there were some technical difficulties during the workshop, I liked having the material regarding my personality type available for my own review.”—Danny M., Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder

Testimonial for Internship Program:

My internship helped me better understand how County processes and procedures work, and it allowed me opportunities to learn various functions in HR. Unless you have worked in a government organization before, it can be difficult to learn how it all operates. My internship was a good introduction for me to learn how County government functions, and if it was a career path I wanted to pursue. -Kevin Cobb, HR Business Partner – Riverside University Health System (RUHS)

Testimonials for Educational Support Program:

ESP has helped support me through the Textbook & Tuition Reimbursement program offered. Without this assistance, I am not sure if I would have been able to financially earn my degree and meet my educational goal in order for me to grow within my organization. - Norma Benavidez - ACR, Supervising ACR Technician

I would recommend the ESP to other County employees because it can help provide the resources and support to further their career dreams. - Michael Maldonado - TLMA, Agency Program Administrator

I could not have been more pleased with the ESP experience and with the opportunities that came as a result of completing my advanced degree. Ron Miller - Probation, Chief Probation Officer

The Educational Support Program is truly helpful whether you are looking to go back to school or not. The services provided are beneficial for an employee's development. -Coty Wellott - Human Resources, HR Analyst III

I am grateful to work for the County of Riverside and to have known about ESP. Thank you ESP! -Jose Martinez - DPSS, Administrative Services Analyst II