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Life Insurance

Life Insurance offers you and your family financial protection if you or a covered family member deceases.  The County provides basic life insurance coverage at no cost to you.  You may purchase supplemental life insurance at group rates through The Standard Insurance Company.  Coverage is available for yourself, your spouse/domestic partner and your eligible dependent children.  Deductions for this voluntary coverage are taken from your paycheck on an after-tax basis.

Electing Coverage

You may elect life insurance coverage at any time. However, the best time to elect coverage is within 60 days of becoming eligible either as a newly hired employee or when you first transfer into an eligible bargaining or employee unit.  This initial eligibility period offers you access to elect coverage with guaranteed coverage.  That means you won’t be required to prove that you or your dependents are in good health.  After this initial eligibility period ends you’ll have limited access to guaranteed coverage during the annual enrollment period each year.  For some groups of employees, the initial eligibility period is the only time you’ll have a guarantee issue of coverage.