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Retiree Health Benefits

The County of Riverside is proud of the benefits package it makes available to retirees. We have an impressive array of benefits from which you can choose, and we encourage you to be well informed so, you take full advantage of the County’s plans and programs.

Retiree Health Eligibility

To be eligible for enrollment, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • You must have been eligible for health coverage on the date of separation from the County of Riverside
  • You must retire within 120 days from the date you separate from employment with the County of Riverside and
  • You must receive a monthly retirement allowance from CalPERS

The County of Riverside offers an array of health plans offered through the CalPERS Health program to eligible retired employees. Even if you choose not to enroll in coverage when you retire, if you meet all the eligibility criteria, you are eligible to enroll in coverage during any subsequent Annual Enrollment period. In addition, you are eligible to enroll in a medical plan if you experience a loss of eligibility for other coverage due to a qualifying event and you request enrollment within 60 days of the event that caused you to lose eligibility for coverage. 

Contact CalPERS to enroll in a CalPERS Health plan; rates and plan information can be found here.

Complete a County Benefit Election Form to elect dental and/or vision benefits.

Vision Benefits

To help you maintain good vision, the County of Riverside offers a voluntary vision plan through EyeMed Vision for retirees and their eligible dependents. A voluntary plan is one in which you are responsible for the full cost of the premiums. Because the County is able to leverage its size and negotiate on your behalf, the premiums are lower than what you would pay if you purchased vision coverage on your own. 

Under this vision plan, you can choose between network and non-network providers—but you will receive a higher level of benefits if you go to a provider in the EyeMed Vision network. 

Note: This plan does not require or provide an ID card.

EyeMed Vision Care Plan Benefits

Dental Benefits

Dental coverage is an important part of your benefits package and a key to your overall health.  The County offers a choice of plans, providers, and coverage options for you and your family.

 Be sure to utilize the tools that are available to help you make informed plan choices. 

1. Use the Dental Plans comparison chart  to compare eligible benefits, deductibles, copayments and coinsurance requirements;

2.  If you have more detailed questions regarding coverage with a plan, review the plan’s Summary of Benefits;

3.   Review the plan premium requirements