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County Vehicle (CV) Program

The County Vehicle (CV) Program allows employees to commute to work in a County-owned vehicle. This program allows employees to pay a monthly fee based on the daily round-trip mileage per person per vehicle via payroll deductions. Fees per person include a guaranteed seat, routine service repair and maintenance, fuel, and a loaner/rental vehicle while the County Vehicle (CV) is being serviced. If necessary, the program also provides a Guaranteed Ride Home option.   

Please contact the Human Resources Commuter Services Division to find a County Vehicle (CV) near you that fits your work schedule, or you can view a list of County Vehicles (CV) with available seating on our website. 

If you wish to participate in the County Vehicle (CV) Commuter Program and have four (4) or more participants, please fill out the attached New CV Information Form and email it to [email protected]

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